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SR017 - Solidarity Recordings


released July 13, 2010



all rights reserved


Aspiga Collingswood, New Jersey

We're from New Jersey and we intend to make you feel.

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Track Name: I Am
I am a criminal. I am a criminal can’t you see. I steal the life away from me. I steal the life away from anyone having a good day. I am bitter can’t you see. I am a no good piece of trash. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself but, I would like to see someone prove me wrong. I have eyes of red that I’ve been drowning out with skies so blue. This concrete’s been mocking me for three days straight and I think that I just might throw up my guts on it. I am happy man. I am happy can’t you see. My proof is this awkward smile chock full of crooked teeth that I’ve been showing to the whole world. Maybe I’ll pack myself a bag. Hit the road for a couple weeks. Get caught up in the windy city with no place to go, without anyone I know. Now that these eyes are blue, I guess this whole in my heart can’t get any bigger. This concrete ended up to be a good companion and I think that I just might keep driving on it.
Track Name: Goodnight Virginia
Sit on a back porch with strangers. Get to know them from their altered minds. Now that we’re all feeling braver we sing our songs of politics and heartache. We’re not looking for a minute of sleep though it’s probably recommended. We’ll play these strings until our fingers break and repeat this again the next night. This cushion has over a hundred friends and I’m more than pleased to meet it. Ray is dancing in the living room. Bill’s laughter is the soundtrack. We’ll shout our lyrics at the moon.
Track Name: Adjust and then Adjust
I am fighting with myself to lower my nerves from their heightened state. Palms sweat, neck starts to itch, doubled over in pain from my cracking chest. Adjust and then adjust for time/me. Foot down, killing the miles to clear my head of these deafening clouds. Can’t sing any god damn louder. My throat is dry, I could use a drink.
Track Name: Tense
Oh you should lighten up that heavy load. I see that your fragile legs are shaking and I can’t stand it. If you would like, I can lend you my hand. The finger tips are beginning to callous over and the skin is cracking. Why do we live this way when all we want is relaxation? Oh you, need to take a deep breathe. I see that you are feeling tense and frustrated and you need to let it go.
Track Name: Oh Philadelphia
Oh Philadelphia, those foot prints have burned us both. One should not be deemed worthy of a response though it’s been a long time coming. I refuse to hold back this whip of a tongue. Give me the benefit of the doubt. I swear I missed the day that you handed out pamphlets on how to be punk rock to the whole world. I am the stain on your favorite shirt. I am the wrench thrown in the rusty gear we call our scene.
Track Name: Head to Curb
I walked nine blocks in the wrong direction. My shoes are digging into my heels and it’s much to cold in Gainesville tonight. Now I’m stuck in a parking lot with my head down to the curb wishing for some sleep. My legs don’t have the strength to carry me and I’m all alone in this town with nowhere to go. I wish I was back in Jersey tonight. Eye lids are peeled back wide. Everyone is stranger, everything is becoming stranger. Nerves reach an all time high.
Track Name: Routinely
The constant hum is a reminder of the flowing air that nurtures my lungs. As I sit here my eyes are rolling white. I fall face first jolting my nerves to wake up. This place could be the velvet lining to my casket. Gravestone will read “Here’s to the death of living dreams.” Words cut like a knife in the hands of the desperate. I sift through the thoughts like ash. Running in my head in search of a smoldering ember that will spark my will to break free. “Three cheers to a life of routine.”
Track Name: Dear Self
My foundation is my spine and it struggles to keep me upright. Sunlight dances in half time across my eyelids. I’m awake. Cut the rope to the extra weight and just fall down softly, escape. Dear self I invite you to sleep. Rest assured this vacation is brief and you’ll be back soon. Stereo speakers are screaming loud and my ear drums are forces to swallow the noise. Old wood door creeks open wide. Enter the dogs that will lick my face. I give up no I give in; this just wasn’t meant to happen.
Track Name: It was Windy
On this September day, I like to think that the wind is your breath and it sends shivers up my spine. My sincerest apologies for not being able to grow up fast enough. Your eyes pour down all over me. I hope that you noticed that I’ve dedicated my back to you. I just couldn’t be a man and provide for you the way I would have wanted to. These are not excuses just the Gods honest truth. It’s hard to distinguish between the two. Perhaps one day I’ll meet you in that better place of a home. We can make up for lost time and I’ll prove to you that I have a heart. I will prove to you that I have a heart.
Track Name: Docks
Salt and spray set the mood for a bitter tasting mouth. Feet hang low teasing the senses. If the envious hands on the clock didn’t steal time away, I might have enough time to wrinkle. These docks will not give way. These docks will support. Bulk heads support the weight of this life that should surely buckle beneath. I paint a picture so unknown to me just from the scent of a breeze that came from a stranger who just anchored down.