What Happened To You?

by Aspiga

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released October 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Aspiga Collingswood, New Jersey

We're from New Jersey and we intend to make you feel.

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Track Name: Medusa's Dance
Dancing slowly through the hallway. You’ve got it right. I wish I knew your secrets to happiness. I’d write them down. Memorize the details. Practice them almost every day. Maybe you would be impressed. I’d like to think you’d be impressed. We could live like we mean to. Stop those moving hands. We can wipe the face clean. Turn hours into years. Outlive the monuments. Don’t become stone. The small moments last like empires for few to know. Keep them to yourself. Not to be spoiled by the troubled ones. We could live like we mean to. Get caught up in ourselves. Turn our backs to the others. As the world keeps spinning on.
Track Name: Wide Eyes
I was the wick to the neon night. Excitement tugged at my sleeves. Waiting for traffic to break. Couples kissed in the summer heat. Their feet hit the boards. Stomping out old haunts. The salt stuck to our cracking lips. Our lungs held the air. Delaying the exhale. As we pushed through the swaying crowds. I felt your hand slip in mine and our lungs let go and…all I could think about was wide eyes. Deadly constrictor you’re my moment fixer. Dark blue elixir you’re my moment fixer.
Track Name: Fortunes
Dear Mom, do you believe in me? I need to know that I’m worth it. Tell Dad not to worry. Go to bed. Let’s talk in the morning. Hey Sister, will you miss me? When lecture notes have you up all night. My Brothers can we strive to be like we are now. Tyche, grant me this fortune. Don’t plug your ears with your hands while I’m waiting here. So I sing you this song with vulnerability. If you listen you’ll hear my truth.
Track Name: Beneath Atlas
These days I’m dying to get out. The sun is caving in on me while I sleep. Can’t click my heels quick enough because I’m ruby-less. Red throated. White knuckled. I’m running with the rats. What’s my value? Ask the wolves after they pick their teeth. Because I swore I’d be someone that I’d like to meet, but right now I’d just turn my cheek.
Track Name: Chino Needs To Feel Big
Wouldn’t you like to feel it? How this body hurts. I’m not old. I am just used. You keep me at an arms length so the colors won’t bleed. Knowing that we are both the same. The motor sings like a calling card as the straight all go stiff necked. I know that you’ve got the gold, but won’t you let me choose bronze. Listen for a whisper. You can’t fix what’s broken when we’ve used up all of the glue.
Track Name: I'm An Animal
I need a moment to cool down. Distract me from my racing mind. If you follow my fingers you might feel the heat from the sting. It takes me back to a harsher time. You couldn’t imagine what I felt that day. I was choked up. I felt so numb. Is this where we stand now? You tossed your trust across my broken face. I guess that I’ll live with that. Knowing you think I’m an animal. But I can write this off. Stand on my feet and know that I tried my best while you pointed your finger.
Track Name: At My Peak
Telephone, can you keep your distance from me today? I don’t want to be found. I’m at the top of a mountain and I’m not sure when I’ll be back down. Glowing flame, keep me calm like a veteran nurse. Who will keep me distracted from all the buzzing in the valley and all that white noise in my ears? Turn it to ash. Tempted to turn my back on it all. I could cut my teeth and just follow you. Swaying back and forth on this waxy floss. Afraid to decide and so I wait. Spin around until nothing is staying still. It’s making sense to me.
Track Name: My Little Eraser
My little eraser you clean up the mess before it’s there. Now I just want to use you to callous up for my later years. All these red moments mix with rubber flakes so I can live peacefully in my own head. Oooooo you’re wondering. Oooooo you’re questioning. How a boy could live on earth like an astronaut. Well when you feel like you’re a fish in a bowl with others deciding the way that you live. You’d understand why my head is in the clouds. My little eraser. Pious tool or my sinking stone. Now I just want to keep you, my little eraser.
Track Name: You're OK
Stood in front of my mirror. Did not know if it was me. So I reached into a box. Grabbed a dark black marker. Wrote happy across my cheek. The spot that you always kiss. It’s easy to get lost. Trust me. I want a better map. A better me for everyone to stare at. I thought one word was good enough, but everyone just gazed at me so I stripped off my clothes. Wrote up and down my canvas. The marker bleed all over me. Colored me sophisticated.
Track Name: On Deaf Ears
Going to take these feelings and display them on my wall. If you can’t get the message, keep living with those blinders on. When you’re running around, like you’re running around, no one else seems to matter. It’s like I’m talking to a hardened wall. The bricks just stare back and insult me. If I cut the cord and shut you off, will you look at me? Because I’m spilling my guts on this steel frame and it doesn’t mean a thing. What’s going on in that cloudy head of yours? Your dead pan face is giving me shivers. Can you hear my voice over the sound of belts?
Track Name: Errand Boy
Errand boy, you need to pick up the pace. The aches are not my concern. Spinning wheels will keep me in the race. Sweet promise. Make me obey. We’re all climbing for a new view with anchors on our ankles that cut our skin and keep us here. Oh gasoline, can you take me the distance? I’m broke and I need a break. Sinking stomach will keep me on the fence. Lean towards a future. Lean on yourself. I’m broke and need a break.